Software Engineer II
Since June 2020 - New York City
Software Engineer Intern
Fall 2019 - New York City

Technology Analyst Intern
Summer 2019 - New York City

Software Engineer Intern
Summer 2018 - Seattle, WA

Software Engineer Intern
Summer 2017 - Bristol, CT

rocketcrab is a lobby service and launcher for mobile web party games.


A simple game of draw what you see, and guess what your friends drew. Over 7 million drawings and guesses have been submitted to date! Grab four or more of your friends, and play Drawphone right in your phone's web browser.


The game that inspired Drawphone,, was removed from the Internet. So, I recovered the old code, rewrote most of it, and added a few new features. Give it a shot!

PTSU Exposed

Apple and Google have been secretly installing a microchip in smartphones that sends psychoelectric waves into the minds of their users, allowing the highest bidding advertisers to influence consumers' brand preferences. Discover the biggest conspiracy in the history of mankind with PTSU Exposed.

Connect 4

A multi-year effort between myself and my friend, Kevin Shannon. Try the local and online multiplayer modes, or test your skills against the wicked-smart AI in single player.

Mutual Music

Using your Spotify accounts, Mutual Music creates a playlist of songs you and a friend both love. No more fighting over whose music to play! It's like mutual friends on Facebook, but for your favorite songs.


Mutual Music's more flexible predecessor. Select two or more Spotify playlists, and Spotify-in-Common will generate a new playlist containing the songs present in all of the selected playlists.


A recreation of the board game The Resistance, made in the style of Drawphone and Spyfall. Gather 5 to 10 of your friends, and prepare yourself for major trust issues.

COVID-19 Stimulus Calculator

A simple quiz to see the difference in the stimulus check amount that one would receive under the final CARES act, versus the Democrats' original, failed act.


Bring democracy to your party's YouTube videos! Open Vidocracy in your phone's browser, and start voting on videos and songs to be played on the big screen.

A Kiosk That's Not Trash

When I was in college, I volunteered for an organization called SAB that plans events and concerts for the students. The website we were using to track ticket sales was born from the depths of hell, so I created a better one that records sales into a Google Sheet.

Backspace Bowling

This game was made exclusively on a computer in my Personal Finance class during my senior year of high school when I should have been doing other things. It's okay though, I got an A in the class. Even though it's barebones, it's still pretty fun. Hold down Backspace to bowl!

Calorie Countdown

Calorie Countdown represents the cutting edge of calorie counting research, and is the pinnacle of diet and nutrition tracking software today. Just kidding; it's really just a calculator with nothing but a minus button that I used every day at the buffet dining halls in college.

Red Team LAN

The group I founded to play computer games with my friends from high school. We had had 32 events from 2013 to 2020. Check out the timelapses of the parties on the website; they're pretty neat!


Connect your LAN party attendees with announcements, private messaging, custom votes, and matchmaking. Lansite is fully modular and features extensive documentation, so hosts can effortlessly extend it to fit their needs.