Build a PC

Ready to ascend? Here’s some resources to help you learn about building a PC.

Here’s the basic steps you have to take:

  1. Learn all about PC building. Read websites, Reddit, tech blogs, and YouTube videos. Just Google your questions.
  2. Pick a budget. Figure out how much money you want to spend, and what you want your computer to be able to do. I recommend at least $350 to build a console-killer PC (console killer means that the PC is better than a PS4 or Xbox One), but the more money you have, the better (until around $5000 then it’s just ridiculous).
  3. Pick the parts for your computer. Use PCPartPicker to make your life easier. It will help you search tons of websites for the best prices and check to make sure that the parts you choose will work with each other. Also, check out build guides with pre-selected parts to help you out. I also recommend that you ask your friends who have build PCs before to check over you guide to make sure it’s good. You can also post your build online to get more opinions and help and what is good and what could be better.
  4. Buy the parts. PCPartPicker commonly suggests that you buy parts from Amazon and Newegg. You can also buy parts from MicroCenter which has a retail store in St. Louis, but charges tax. Make sure you check for tax and shipping charges, and to fill out your mail-in rebates to save all of the money possible.
  5. Build the computer. I recommend to invite a friend or two who has experience with building PCs to help you out while you’re building. Check out the guides below to give yourself an idea on what to do.
  6. Install your OS. I recommend Windows 10 for maximum compatibility with games, but recent developments with Linux and SteamOS are closing the gap of cross-OS game compatibility, so you may consider that.
  7. Update your OS and install drivers. If you can’t get any internet when you first boot up your computer, you may need to install the ethernet/Wifi driver off of the disk that came with your motherboard/wifi adapter. Then, run Windows Update. It will update Windows and install the rest of the drivers you need.
  8. Install programs and games. The very first thing you should install on your new computer is Unchecky. This will prevent you from accidentally installing any viruses and adware as you download all of the programs that you want. Then, use Ninite once you get Windows installed to download all of the programs you need quickly.
  9. Go to a LAN. Show off your fancy new ‘puter.

Learning about building PCs:

Choosing parts:

Building the computer: